Here is a presentation of our kings

Nemo Afgan*PL

Født: 02.12.2021

Ems kode: ns - sortsmoke

Mor: Ikona Afgan*PL

Far: TRI-D Jewels

Nemo is our newest addition to the family. He is a fantastic boy with a lot of personality. We are very much looking forward to future plans with this boy.

IC SE*Bjørntorpets Kewin

Born: 23.07.2020
Ems kode: MCO as 22 - Bluesilver Tabby
Mother: (N) Quiet´s Bell 
Father: Magnetcoon Clifford - MCO n

Kewin is a boy with a wonderful personality. He is fearless and incredibly kind. Kewin is still a young man and we look forward to following his development. 

Kewin is a strongly built boy, but great expression