Here is a presentation of our queens

(N)Endless Illyria

Born: 29.11.2019

EMS-Kode: MCO ds 25 - Redsilver ticked

Mother: UA* Arine Neytiri 

Father: Uslav Akella Leander 

Illyria is a very promising girl. She has a wonderful expression and many good qualities. We have not shown her at the show yet due to covid, but spring 2022  we have high hopes. Illyra has a very good temperament but she is a determined lady.

NO*Knight Hart´s Butterfly Flip 

Born: 26.03.2020

Ems-Kode: MCO n 22 - Black tabby 

Mother: CH NO*Nordic Leon´s Dixie Chick 

Father: IC NO*Lythrum Piccolo 

Knight Hart`s Butterfly Flip is a fantastic lady, she is still young but very promising. She has a profile to die for, lovley ears and a super box. Flip is a gentle soul and has not been angry one day in her life. Flip is the first girl we did cep from our own breeding

NO*Knight Hart´s Ibiza

Born: 12.06.2022

Ems-Kode: MCO fs 22 blacksilverticked

Mother: NO*Knight Hart´s Disney 

Father: CH Bjorntorpets Kewin 

Ibiza is a wonderful girl. She is very social and loves to be a part of everything that happens, everything from house cleaning to film on the couch. She has an incredibly beautiful appearance. We are very excited about her development. She is the daughter of Disney and granddaughter of Illyria

(N)Endless Una Paloma

Født: 23.05.2022

Ems-Kode: MCO n 24 - Blackspottet

Mother: NO*Fenriskatten Mazikeen

Father: Indian Westural

Una Paloma or Una as she is called at home on a daily basis is a girl. We think it is very exciting to have this girl for our breeding. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for her.

NO*Knight Hart´s Coacella  

Born: 28.09.2020

Ems-Kode: MCO g 22 - Blåskilpaddetabby

Mother: CH NO*Stormjegerens Ran

Father: IC NO*Lythrum Piccolo  

Coachella is from our own cattery. Her mother is Ran who also lives with us. Coachella is definitely a young lady. She has a very good expression and bone stem, with good weight.

NO*Knight Hart´s Disney

Born: 24.01.2021

Ems-kode: MCO d 25 - Rødticked

Mothet: (N) Endless Illyria 

Father: NO*Lythrum Oliver 

Disney is a beautiful young lady, she has a very funny personality. She is a very playful and happy girl. She has a very good appearance and many good qualities. We will be back with new photos. Disney is the daughter of our Illyria


 NO*Knight Hart´s First Lady

Born: 26.11.2021

Ems-kode: MCO n 22

Mother: NO*Knight Hart´s Butterfly Flip

Father: Bjorntorpets Kewin

She is a beautiful girl with a great Maine Coon expression. She is very gentle and sweet girl. Been to several shows and got EX1 in all her classes


Født: 24.06.2017

EMS-Kode: HCL n 24 - Brunspottet

Hermine is our lovely domestic cat. She is a kind and playful girl, who is a wonderful aunt to all the kittens that grow up in the house. Hermine also participates in cat shows sometimes ´, and has received several Best In Show

CH NO*Stormjegerens Ran

Born: 08.01.2018

EMS-kode: MCO f 22

Mother: Ponca`s Bounty Hunter

Father: NO*stormjegerens Grimm

Ran or Fiona as she is called at home, is a very kind and cuddly girl. She follows you everywhere in the house, and loves to be with you. She has wonderfully sicky fur, and has a strong long body.

Titles: Champion

She is now neuterd