Here is a presentation of our queens

 CH NO*Stormjegerens Ran                       

Born: 08.01.2018

EMS-kode: MCO f 22 

Mother: Ponca`s Bounty Hunter 

Father: NO*stormjegerens Grimm

Ran or Fiona as she is called at home, is a very kind and cuddly girl. She follows you everywhere in the house, and loves to be with you. She has wonderfully sicky fur, and has a strong long body.

Titles: Champion 

(N)Endless Illyria

Born: 29.11.2019

EMS-Kode: MCO ds 25 - Redsilver ticked

Mother: UA* Arine Neytiri 

Father: Uslav Akella Leander 

Illyria is a very promising girl. She has a wonderful expression and many good qualities. We have not shown her at the show yet due to covid, but spring 2022  we have high hopes. Illyra has a very good temperament but she is a determined lady.

NO*Knight Hart´s Butterfly Flip 

Born: 26.03.2020

Ems-Kode: MCO n 22 - Black tabby 

Mother: CH NO*Nordic Leon´s Dixie Chick 

Father: IC NO*Lythrum Piccolo 

Knight Hart`s Butterfly Flip is a fantastic lady, she is still young but very promising. She has a profile to die for, lovley ears and a super box. Flip is a gentle soul and has not been angry one day in her life. Flip is the first girl we did cep from our own breeding

(N)Endless Masaitana 

Born: 14.03.2021

Ems-Kode: MCO f 22 - Sortskilpaddetabby

Mother: (N)Endless Kali

Father: Tri-D Firestorm 

Masaitana or Montana is a wonderful girl. She is very social and loves to be a part of everything that happens, everything from house cleaning to film on the couch. She has an incredibly beautiful appearance. We are very excited about her development

NO*Knight Hart´s Coacella  

Born: 28.09.2020

Ems-Kode: MCO g 22 - Blåskilpaddetabby

Mother: CH NO*Stormjegerens Ran

Father: IC NO*Lythrum Piccolo  

Coachella is from our own cattery. Her mother is Ran who also lives with us. Coachella is definitely a young lady. She has a very good expression and bone stem, with good weight.

NO*Knight Hart´s Disney

Born: 24.01.2021

Ems-kode: MCO d 25 - Rødticked

Mothet: (N) Endless Illyria 

Father: NO*Lythrum Oliver 

Disney is a beautiful young lady, she has a very funny personality. She is a very playful and happy girl. She has a very good appearance and many good qualities. We will be back with new photos. Disney is the daughter of our Illyria


 NO*Knight Hart´s First Lady

Born: 26.11.2021

Ems-kode: MCO n 22

Mother: NO*Knight Hart´s Butterfly Flip

Father: Bjorntorpets Kewin


Født: 24.06.2017

EMS-Kode: HCL n 24 - Brunspottet

Hermine is our lovely domestic cat. She is a kind and playful girl, who is a wonderful aunt to all the kittens that grow up in the house. Hermine also participates in cat shows sometimes ´, and has received several Best In Show